Multidimensional governance of climate change adaptation in policy making and practice


Climate change affects the Alpine Space in many ways: the delicate mountain ecosystem is altered, new weather-related risks arise, local economic opportunities change. GoApply tackled the key challenges of adaptation governance by mapping and comparing existing governance approaches, good practices and innovations to include climate adaptation into sectoral policies and to set-up effective formats of stakeholder interaction. This body of knowledge enables public and non-governmental actors to improve, re-define and better implement their adaptation governance.


  • 2014 – 2020
  • Well-Governed
  • Increase the application of multilevel and transnational governance in the Alpine Space
    • Group 8: To improve risk management and to better manage climate change, including major natural risks prevention
  • 11/2016
  • 04/2019
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                    • Climate Adaptation Governance in the Alpine Space: Transnational Synthesis Report

                      Transnational comparison of climate adaptation governance (policies, actors, multilevel interactions, good practices, barriers, success factors) in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland with joint lessons learnt, policy recommendations, and a cross-country compilation of good practice examples.

                    • Mainstreaming of climate adaptation in the Alpine macro-region: Transnational lesson-drawing from the comparison of selected cases from Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland

                      Transnational comparison and synthesis of the case study reports on the mainstreaming of climate adaptation on country-level with joint lessons learnt

                    • Adapting to climate change: Good participation practices in the Alpine Region

                      Multilingual brochure with good practice examples of stakeholder participation in climate adaptation and guidelines for successful participation
                      English Version (available also in German, Italian, French, and Slovenian)

                    • Criteria and factors for successful stakeholder participation

                      Success criteria for stakeholder interaction formats and their application in the context of climate adaptation

                    • Transnational cooperation for improved Alpine governane of climate adaptation: documentation of outputs

                      Documentation of output achievement related to supported transnational cooperation structures (EUSALP AG8, Alpine Climate Board of the Alpine Convention) encompassing multilevel and transnational governance in the Alpine Space

                    • Mapping governance of adaptation to climate change in the Alpine Space

                      Interactive online visualisation of the climate adaptation governance systems in the Alpine countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Switzerland)