Healing Alps: Tourism based on natural health resources as strategic innovation for the development of Alpine regions


The many health benefits of the Alpine natural environment are well known. In the last few years, and even more so after the COVID-19 outbreak, the trend for health, nature and regionalism has gained momentum in the tourism sector. HEALPS2 provided tools, strategies and actions to tap into the health tourism market. The project developed a digital tool for strategic assessment, an Alpine health tourism innovation model, training tools and an action plan including comprehensive innovation strategies.


  • 2014 – 2020
  • Innovative
  • Improve the framework conditions for innovation in the Alpine space
    • Group 2: To increase the economic potential of strategic sectors
  • 10/2019
  • 06/2022
  • 2.325.953 EUR
  • 1.844.460 EUR


Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • Austria
  • Salzburg
  • Salzburg
    ALPARC – the Network of Alpine Protected Areas
    • France
    • Rhône-Alpes
    • Chambéry
        National Research Council
        • Italy
        • Lombardia
        • Lecco
            Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj
            • Slovenia
            • Vzhodna Slovenia
            • Ptuj
                Innovation Salzburg GmbH
                • Austria
                • Salzburg
                • Salzburg
                    University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons
                    • Switzerland
                    • OstSwitzerland
                    • Chur
                        Association of the Route of Spa Towns in the Massif central area
                        • France
                        • Auvergne
                        • Royat
                            Development centre Murska Sobota
                            • Slovenia
                            • Vzhodna Slovenia
                            • Murska Sobota
                                Management Body of the Ossola Protected Areas
                                • Italy
                                • Piemonte
                                • Varzo
                                    MOXOFF SPA
                                    • Italy
                                    • Lombardia
                                    • Milan
                                        Community Network Alliance in the Alps
                                        • Germany
                                        • Oberbayern
                                        • Übersee am Chiemsee
                                            • 47.808884713.0313195
                                            • 45.5638749999999965.925742711213934
                                            • 45.84983449.3951959
                                            • 46.42021970000000415.87011913846154
                                            • 47.798134613.0464806
                                            • 46.8547479.5264904
                                            • 45.76436313.0477919
                                            • 46.662763916.16422293194615
                                            • 46.206688.252412
                                            • 45.50686729.1668644
                                            • 47.819590712.4802068


                                            • Tactical Health Management Toolset

                                              The Tactical Health Management Toolset consists in a digital tool to assess and simulate the valorisation of alpine resources in the framework of health tourism. It supports the development of innovative alpine health tourism products and service chains and detects synergy potential. It analyses data to assist in the development of regional strategies through a logical and mathematical model implementation.

                                            • Alpine Health Tourism Innovation Model

                                              The  Alpine Health Tourism Innovation Model is a schematic model that provides an easy-to-follow framework, strategies and techniques in order to enhance the capacity of Alpine regions to develop and implement innovative health tourism value chains with an integrated transnational approach.

                                            • Training Toolkit on Innovation Model and Tactical Toolset

                                              The Training Toolkit on Innovation Model and Tactical Toolset consists in a toolkit that provides fundamental hands-on tools and manuals, including a train-the-trainer approach, for the continuous application of the Tactical Toolset (OT2.1) and the Innovation Model (OT2.2) by all involved stakeholders for the development of high-quality tourism products.

                                            • Alpine Health Tourism Action Plan

                                              The Alpine Health Tourism Action Plan represents a strategy for the positioning of the Alpine Space as a health tourism destination containing comprehensive innovation approaches for deriving greater values from Alpine assets as well as policy recommendations for support schemes. It also set the basis for a white paper containing policy recommendations for support schemes targeting three EU policy levels.