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Providing food, textiles, and energy among others, bioeconomy is a key aspect of our lives. Since the circular bioeconomy sector is still developing, building international circular bioeconomy value chains could become a determining success factor. Establishing such transnational circular bioeconomy value chains is often problematic, as, due to their cross-regional nature, the smaller companies serving a local market do not know each other.

There is a lack of awareness of funding within the Alpine region and the measurement of the impact of regional or entrepreneurial investments into the circular bioeconomy value chain. INNOBIOVC will build on solutions developed by the two Interreg Alpine Space projects ARDIA-NET and AlpLinkBioEco. Based upon the outputs of these projects, INNOBIOVC will create a new tool that allows partners to find out about funding opportunities, best partners, and to measure sustainability gains of circular products. That way the project will help companies to jointly develop new circular products.


  • 2021 – 2027
  • Carbon neutral and resource sensitive Alpine region
  • SO 2.2 - Promoting the transition to a circular and resource efficient economy
    • AG1 Research & innovation
    • AG2 Economic development
    • AG9 Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • 04/2023
  • 09/2024
  • 548.175 EUR
  • 390.506 EUR


Economic Development Agency Heilbronn Region (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • Germany
  • Stuttgart (DE11)
  • Heilbronn
Business Upper Austria
  • Austria
  • Oberösterreich (AT31)
  • Linz
Anteja ECG d.o.o.
  • Slovenia
  • Zahodna Slovenija (SI04)
  • Ljubljana
Lombardy Green Chemistry Association
  • Italy
  • Lombardia (ITC4)
  • Milano
Chemistry Cluster Bavaria
  • Germany
  • Oberbayern (DE21)
  • München
School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg
  • Switzerland
  • Espace Mittelland (CH02)
  • Fribourg
  • 49.155121359.214965261927027
  • 48.318625214.306415972591235
  • 46.074217314.5077592
  • 45.51485269.2122145
  • 48.137697511.5503216
  • 46.79342577.1591493


  • Sustainability Assessment Tool as new approach available

    The Sustainability Assessement Tool is fully developed and prototypically tested. A description how to use is available that allow PP and interested parties, e. g. future applicants of the IEC, to use it to measure and demonstrate sustainability gains resulting for certain investments in circular bioeconomy products (firm-level) and VC (cross-regional level)

  • VCG rolled-out in PP regions and used by interested parties

    VCG rolled-out in PP regions and used by interested parties. The use of VCG leads to the identification of 6 new, cross-regional VC. Based on the information gathered the key actors, main bottlenecks and contraints are known and documented,

  • Solutions for VC development identified

    Based on the bottlenecks and constraints identified before, solutions how to best develop the 6 VC identified by the VCG are identified. The solutions consider different levels, like company level, (cross)-regional level and framework conditions to be considered

  • Embed VCG and SAT to be available for IEC applicants

    At least 20 applicants apply for the IEC and used VCG for partner matching and the Sustainabilty Assessment Tool for preparing their applications.



  • The analytical report contains SWOT and PESTEL to understand how solutions meet market demands, to identify vulnerabilities and needs for critical infrastructure that hamper production scaling-up.

  • 4 training workshops in project partner regions conducted for project partners and regional stakeholders how to use Value Chain Generator (VCG) for identifying most promising circular VCG.

  • Good practice report prepared that describes how the Value Chain Generator (VCG) works and what can be achieved by it. Lessons learned is part of the report.


Project calendar

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    26 Jun 2024
    IEC24 - 5. Information and Matchmaking Event
    Project: INNOBIOVC
    Interreg Website IEC5
    12 Jun 2024
    IEC24 - 4. Information and Matchmaking Event
    Project: INNOBIOVC
    Interreg Website IEC4
    16 May 2024
    IEC24 - 3. Information and Matchmaking Event
    Project: INNOBIOVC
    Interreg Website IEC3
    11 Apr 2024
    IEC24 - 2. Information and Matchmaking Event
    Project: INNOBIOVC
    Interreg Website IEC2
    19 Dec 2023
    INNOBIOVC Webinar Innovation Express Call (IEC24)
    Project: INNOBIOVC
    Webinar for regions interested in the IEC 2024

      Project news

      INNOBIOVC at the Circular Economy Summit in Austria 28 May 2024


      Value Chain Generator & Sustainability Assessment Tool available to use!


      Matchmaking Tool online!