Integrated territorial strategies for Services of General Interest


Services of general interest such as postal services, social security, employment services and social housing are essential for a good quality of life in the Alpine regions. However, public authorities and service providers tend to manage them by sectors, which the exploitation of potential synergies and the optimal use of public funds. INTESI aimed to ensure the provision of services of general interest in areas where demographic changes make a sectoral approach irrelevant. It has developed integrated strategies and policies that build on the synergies between different services.


  • 2014 – 2020
  • Innovative
  • Increase options for low carbon mobility and transport
    • Group 5: To connect people electronically and promote accessibility to public services
  • 12/2015
  • 12/2018
  • 1.938.639 EUR
  • 1.501.473 EUR


Swiss Centre for mountain regions (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • Switzerland
  • Espace Mittelland
  • Bern
    Province of the Tyrol represented by Tyrolean Regional Government, represented by Office of Regional Government, Department of Statistics and GIS
    • Austria
    • Tirol
    • Innsbruck
        Office of the Carinthian Government Department 7 Economy, Tourism, Infrastructure and Mobility
        • Austria
        • Kärnten
        • Klagenfurt
            VKG – transport association carinthia ltd.
            • Austria
            • Kärnten
            • Klagenfurt
                European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano
                • Italy
                • Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen
                • Bolzano
                    Lombardy Region
                    • Italy
                    • Lombardia
                    • Milano
                        Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region
                        • France
                        • Rhône-Alpes
                        • Lyon Cedex
                            Association for Networking Services et Territorial Development
                            • France
                            • Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
                            • Gap Cedex
                                University of Ljubljana
                                • Slovenia
                                • Zahodna Slovenia
                                • Ljubljana
                                    Canton of Jura, Département of environment, Department of territorial development, division for spatial development
                                    • Switzerland
                                    • Espace Mittelland
                                    • Delémont
                                        • 46.94680587.4353275
                                        • 47.26195244999999511.397072092879615
                                        • 46.62176320000000414.311737343144316
                                        • 46.616540514.3125155
                                        • 46.494530211.3472734
                                        • 45.48604249.1959558
                                        • 45.74063514.8198992
                                        • 44.56196356.0786986
                                        • 46.04898975000000414.503956692895823
                                        • 47.36531337.344994257705775


                                        • INTESI Handbook

                                          The relevant INTESI conclusions are summarised in one single and easy to read handbook on the topic of integrated, territorial services of general interest (SGI).

                                        • Think tank

                                          The Alpine Think Tank is a platform for the exchange of experiences on service of general interests (SGI) provision across the Alps.
                                          It identifies upcoming challenges for SGI in the Alps and the searches for (transnational) solutions. The Think Tank discusses about policy recommendations and reflects the work of projects or initiatives in the field of SGI and proposes solutions on a technical and political level.

                                        • Database

                                          All strategies relevant for SGI (transnational, national, regional and intercommunal level) in the alpine space are available in the database.