Promoting biodiversity protection through innovative and health orientated nature-based activities in Alpine Protected Areas based on biodiversity responsible visitor management and digital outreach.



  • 2021 – 2027
  • Climate resilient and green Alpine region
  • SO 1.2 - Enhancing protection and preservation of nature, biodiversity and green infrastructure, including in urban areas, and reducing all forms of pollution
    • 2.732.003 EUR
    • 1.882.052 EUR


    ALPARC – Alpine Network of Protected Areas (Lead partner)
    • Lead partner
    • France
    • Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
    • Chambéry
    Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg – private foundation
    • Austria
    • Salzburg (AT32)
    • Salzburg
    Ossola Protected Areas Management Body
    • Italy
    • Piemonte (ITC1)
    • Varzo
    Triglav National park
    • Slovenia
    • Zahodna Slovenija (SI04)
    • Bled
    Swiss National Park
    • Switzerland
    • Ostschweiz (CH05)
    • Zernez
    Berchtesgaden National Park
    • Germany
    • Oberbayern (DE21)
    • Berchtesgaden
    Ecrins national Park
    • France
    • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (FRL0)
    • Gap
    Conservatory of natural areas in Haute-Savoie
    • France
    • Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
    • Annecy
    CIPRA International Lab GmbH
    • Austria
    • Vorarlberg (AT34)
    • Feldkirch
    Parco Naturale Mont Avic
    • Italy
    • Valle d’Aosta/Vallée d’Aoste (ITC2)
    • Champdepraz
    • Slovenia
    • Zahodna Slovenija (SI04)
    • Bohinjsko jezero
    Outdooractive AG
    • Germany
    • Schwaben (DE27)
    • Immenstadt
    • 45.5638749999999965.925742711213934
    • 47.808923313.0312506
    • 46.20671438.2544931
    • 46.368757314.1188705
    • 46.6997293510.096186373340856
    • 47.633735913.0006247
    • 44.56120326.0820639
    • 45.91829076.1347254442053
    • 47.23837689.5968524
    • 45.68533167.6577653
    • 46.28748880000000613.894249499999999
    • 47.56358369999999510.210101011640177


    • Assessment concept & protocol for APA managers and tourism destination managers: a „how to" for identification of pressures on biodiversity caused by nature-based Activities (NBA) in APA and beyond.

      Manual to identify and explain problems and impacts of NBA on biodiversity by definition of pressures of NBA with specified indicators to compare the effects of these activities and the awareness of NBA practitioners towards biodiversity. The manual is based on an experience exchange between all PP & especially the APA. The manual indicates the most urgent fields to act on challenges & impacts on biodiversity from NBA by an agreed ranking between the PP at an alps-wide level performed by all PP.

    • The Alpine Protected Areas’ roadmap on nature-based activities: transnational management & communication solutions for innovative and biodiversity-friendly models in the Alps

      Roadmap including data driven approaches to control visitor flows, sustainable mobility solutions & OHA based offers with common standards, measures & communication instruments to sensitize on impacts of NBA. The management & communic. instruments targets APA managers, tourism profess. & political decision makers. It includes new offers, legal restrictions & important parts for a communic. campaign for NBA users, based on digital online platforms & strategic goals of EUSALP AG2,subgroup tourism

    • Pilot action in APAs applying outcomes of WP1, 2 & 3Implementing management measures of NBA and innovative visitor offers in APA and an integrated information system of NBA within digital platforms

      Apply in APA concrete measures of visitor & NBA management on the ground by limitation of visitor concentration in fragile sites through OHA based innovative offer for NBA. Visitor guiding & sensitization through the implementation of integrated information systems & digital tools in online platforms for NBA & in digital information systems of participating APA. Coop. with dedicated platforms for a large integration of biodiversity protection-related data in their platforms (see toolbox – O 3.2)

    • Toolbox with digital open data set for visitor management and innovative NBA offers considering biodiversity protection and health aspects for digital platforms

      Toolbox as information package with protocol of technical description and provision of a data set for open-source data (including def. of data types) to be integrated in digital online platforms to better manage visitor flows (information, sensitisation, access restrictions…) completed by innovative offers based on the OHA to inform about natural areas and raise visitors’ awareness of biodiversity protection needs. These com. instruments are addressing visitors NBA practitioners & wider public.