Pooling Energy ACtion plans and Enhancing their implementation in the Alps


Small municipalities often find it impossible to optimise the energy use in public buildings and infrastructures, due to the high costs and technical expertise required for the creation of sustainable energy plans. Thanks to PEACE_Alps, 240 local authorities pooled resources to access external expertise and achieve the necessary economies of scale. As a result, 15.400 streetlights now use highly efficient LED lamps, while many municipalities have started monitoring their energy consumption and work to reduce waste, with the help of centralised systems. Overall, the project activities have already saved a considerable amount of CO2, even more so if these activities are continued in the future.


  • 2014 – 2020
  • Low carbon
  • Establish transnationally integrated low carbon policy instruments
    • Group 9: To make the territory a model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • 12/2015
  • 12/2018
  • 2.148.881 EUR
  • 1.648.000 EUR


Piedmont Region (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • Italy
  • Piemonte
  • Torino
    Development agency Sinergija
    • Slovenia
    • Vzhodna Slovenia
    • Moravske Toplice
        BSC L.t.d., Business Support Centre, Kranj
        • Slovenia
        • Zahodna Slovenia
        • KRANJ
            Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Énergie Environnement
            • France
            • Rhône-Alpes
            • Villeurbanne
                Association for sustainable management of Energy
                • France
                • Rhône-Alpes
                • Saint-Martin d'Heres
                    Energy and Innovation Centre of Weiz
                    • Austria
                    • Steiermark
                    • Weiz
                        Energy and Environmental Centre Allgaeu
                        • Germany
                        • Schwaben
                        • Kempten
                            Energiewende Oberland - Civic Foundation for renewable energy and energy saving
                            • Germany
                            • Oberbayern
                            • Penzberg
                                Climate Alliance
                                • Germany
                                • Darmstadt
                                • Frankfurt am Main
                                    Ecoinstitute South Tyrol
                                    • Italy
                                    • Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen
                                    • Bolzano
                                        Planair SA
                                        • Switzerland
                                        • Espace Mittelland
                                        • La Sagne
                                            • 45.07953797.6758568
                                            • 46.685100316.2169205
                                            • 46.246576514.3644724
                                            • 45.77107124.8640858
                                            • 45.18581415.754672800000002
                                            • 47.215317515.630937950000003
                                            • 47.724224510.31926659412166
                                            • 47.758166111.3806009
                                            • 50.117673858.636413400398371
                                            • 46.501598311.3504386
                                            • 47.0409296.802608


                                            • Report on strategies and opportunities of Local Authorities in the Alpine Space

                                              What are the needs for Local authorities to implement their energy plans? This report analyses this and also considers the opportunities for them.
                                              The project PEACE_Alps is based on a bottom-up approach of local needs. In order to get strategic information and to prepare the ground for following activities a detailed desk research was carried out. The objectives were to analyse firstly which are the needs of the local authorities (LAs), secondly divide the involved municipalities into categories: e.g. population, geographical location, environment/climate issues; then to gather examples of approaches or tools that has been set up in other EU projects; finally, to find out which are the opportunities for LAs to use European funding for the implementation of their actions.

                                            • Policy recommendations to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy with centralised energy services at regional and inter-municipal levels

                                              PEACE_Alps has summarised recommendations FOR POLICY MAKERS at the EU, national, regional and local (inter-municipal) levels regarding the acceleration of the transition to a low-carbon economy with centralised energy services at regional and inter-municipal levels.
                                              The recommendations are based on the outcomes of discussions and activities carried out by project partners within the framework of the PEACE_Alps project. They were derived by identifying gaps in existing policy instruments and defining key elements that could be introduced in the future as well as reviewing legislation and tools that can facilitate the implementation of centralised energy services.

                                            • Video "How to implement energy actions plans"

                                              This video explains you how to implement your energy actions plan
                                              The project PEACE_Alps developed a structured process to support municipalities in achieving their CO2-reduction goals. It explains how local authorities can be supported by a regional coordinator who gathers the main needs and obstacles and who suggests possible solutions that different municipalities can implement together. View the video under project homepage:

                                            • PEACE-Alps online Handbook

                                              PEACE-Alps online handbook gathers the policy recommendations, but also the success stories of the centralized solutions.
                                              PEACE-Alps handbook provides policy recommendations for POLICY MAKERS at the EU, national, regional and local (inter-municipal) levels regarding the acceleration of the transition to a low-carbon economy with centralised energy services at regional and inter-municipal levels: it also explains how to set up centralised supporting solutions for local authorities: concrete success stories are presented in the field of energy management, energy refurbishment of building and public light as well as local adaptation to climate change.