Support the green transformation of the Alpine manufacturing sector and the uptake of advanced technologies for the well-being of workers



  • 2021 – 2027
  • Innovation and digitalisation supporting a green Alpine region
  • SO 3.1 - Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies
    • 2.998.469 EUR
    • 2.122.852 EUR


    Steinbeis 2i GmbH (Lead partner)
    • Lead partner
    • Germany
    • Stuttgart (DE11)
    • Stuttgart
    Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises
    • France
    • Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
    • Lyon
    CCI Alsace Eurométropole
    • France
    • Alsace (FRF1)
    • Schiltigheim
    Creating Integrated MEchanical Systems Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    • France
    • Auvergne (FRK1)
    • Clermont-Ferrand
    Business Upper Austria – Upper Austrian government’s location agency
    • Austria
    • Oberösterreich (AT31)
    • Linz
    • Austria
    • Niederösterreich (AT12)
    • St. Pölten
    Swiss Mechatronics
    • Switzerland
    • Zürich (CH04)
    • Winterthur
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    • RECENTRE Methodology for the manufacturing SMEs green transformation

      The methodology adopts the Industry 5.0 concept according to the needs and expectations of the AS manufacturing sector. It provides methods&tools for the green transformation, the up take of advanced technologies (ATs) jointly with the workers' well-being. Additionally, it focuses on "early stage" SMEs investments for circularity and digitalization and provides models and tools for a support system.

    • Pilot action A to enhance SMEs transformation

      The methodology to support manufacturing 5.0 transformation will be tested in all 9 project areas and 180 transition plans elaborated by all PP with 1:1 actions. The transition plans will focus on the implementation of circularity processes, the up take of advanced technologies and improving workers' skills.

    • Pilot action B to trigger SMEs' investments on transformation

      The pilot will test the support system for the assistance provided to 50 SMEs with advice and assess SMEs investment plans, according to the transition plans elaborated, focusing on the up take of advanced technologies, the circularity processes or products and the workers' resilience to the twin transition.The 50 SMEs will be selected with a transnational open call for proposals monitored by the Advisory Board and the final ranking list will be approved by the Steering Committee.

    • Guideline to develop SMEs green transition plans

      The methodology to support the Alpine Manufacturing transformation aims at providing methods and tools to assess SMEs needs and elaborate the transition plans, that are considering the up take of advanced technologies, the implementation of circularity product and processes and the set of actions to support workers' resilience to the twin transition. Partners and stakeholders will uptake it with the signature of LoI.

    • Support system with a guideline for manufacturing SMEs transformation

      The support system is the set of actions carried out by public and private actors to provide technical assistance to the SMEs for their transformation. It consists of technical and specialist support provided to the SMEs to assess the sustainability and feasibility of the investments or the first actions for twin transition and the upgrade of workers' skills. The support system will be up take with the signature of LoI by PPs, Regional& authorities in charge of supporting innovation, etc.


      RECENTRE Strategy aims to enhance the transformation of the manufacturing sector based on Industry 5.0. The strategy includes: a) scenarios to transform the manufacturing sector based on Industry5.0 principles; b) trends concerning the (public) support systems for the industrial transformation; b) trends for new public services addressed to SMEs and their transition; C) training paths and vocational trends to support the workers' resilience to the twin transition and their skills upgrade D.3.2.1


      RECENTRE Action Plan aims at implementing the Strategy and will be endorsed (LoI signed) by PPs and Observers. Actions will start before the end of the project and will be addressed a) to create a permanent network to support the manufacturing transformation; b) organization and maintenance of the network; c) enlargement of the network beyond the RECENTRE areas; d) collaborations for new projects addressed to the manufacturing sector. D.3.3.1