Woolshed: A New Era for Alpine Wool



  • 2021 – 2027
  • Innovation and digitalisation supporting a green Alpine region
  • SO 3.1 - Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies
    • 1.787.875 EUR
    • 1.265.906 EUR


    Iuav - University of Venice (Lead partner)
    • Lead partner
    • Italy
    • Veneto (ITH3)
    • Venice
    • Switzerland
    • Région lémanique (CH01)
    • Geneva
    Laines d’ici
    • Switzerland
    • Espace Mittelland (CH02)
    • Cernier
    Consortium Center
    • Italy
    • Veneto (ITH3)
    • Belluno
    Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Nova Gorica
    • Slovenia
    • Zahodna Slovenija (SI04)
    • Nova Gorica
    InnoRenew CoE Renewable Materials & Healthy Environments Research & Innovation Centre of Excellence
    • Slovenia
    • Zahodna Slovenija (SI04)
    • Izola
    Le Textile Lab
    • France
    • Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
    • LYON
    Impact Hub Vienna
    • Austria
    • Wien (AT13)
    • Wien
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    • 46.20971956.1172762
    • 47.05838686.9080521
    • 46.111067312.1344657
    • 45.960918713.658593087279861
    • 45.530237513.6571696
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    • Design Marathons to conceive and create concepts and prototypes of new products using wool materials.

      5 Pilot areas: Veneto (IT); Zahodna Slovenija (SI); Rhône-Alpes (FR); Styria (AT), Genève/Neuchâtel (CH). The Design Marathons will focus on specific challenges, such as developing sustainable or innovative wool products for a particular sector or market. The results of the Design Marathons will be prototyped and tested to create a showcase innovative wool-based products and test results and evaluations of the prototypes, ensuring their practicality and viability for market entry.

    • New wool-based materials and products

      The project will support the development of new wool-based materials or products that are more sustainable and marketable. These products will be taken up or up-scaled by a variety of organisations, including fashion brands, home goods retailers, and construction companies.

    • Upgraded Pilot Processing Centres

      5 Pilot areas: Veneto (IT); Zahodna Slovenija (SI); Rhône-Alpes (FR); Styria (AT), Genève/Neuchâtel (CH). Adapted and enhanced pilot processing centres that will test the capabilities of new machinery and identified processing methods. The goal is to demonstrate the feasibility of these technologies and to provide training to businesses, designers, and entrepreneurs. These facility will also host a round of the Design Marathon aimed at prototyping new materials or products.

    • Innovative Products Support Program

      5 Pilot areas: Veneto (IT); Zahodna Slovenija (SI); Rhône-Alpes (FR); Styria (AT), Genève/Neuchâtel (CH). Support and promotion of innovative products conceived and prototyped through support programs and the incubation of start-ups or existing companies and professionals. Access to business development resources, incubation programs, and networking opportunities for start-ups, existing companies and professionals.

    • Comprehensive Alpine Strategy for the valorisation of sheep wool and its derivatives

      Alpine Strategy for the valorisation of sheep wool and its derivatives, containing recommendations and guidelines addressed to policymakers, entrepreneurs, and consumers. The Strategy will also promote the consolidation of third places and textile labs and distributed design practices in the alpine innovation systems. It will be disseminated to a wide range of stakeholders to promote the adoption of sustainable and innovative practices in the wool industry.