Alpine Research and INnovation Capacity Governance


There is no strategic transnational collaborative framework on topics of specific Alpine importance, such as digitalisation, climate change or biodiversity conservation, neither between public authorities nor between academia and business sectors. Moreover, transnational R&I projects in those areas remain limited. A-RING addressed this need by fostering the alignment between different R&I policy initiatives and institutional frameworks. An innovative bottom-up process was established: gathering expectations from business sectors, the innovation potential from academia and developing a model for a successful policy process to ensure that citizens’ needs are addressed.


  • 2014 – 2020
  • Well-Governed
  • Increase the application of multilevel and transnational governance in the Alpine Space
    • Group 1: To develop an effective research and innovation ecosystem
  • 10/2019
  • 06/2022
  • 1.404.421 EUR
  • 1.147.996 EUR


University of Milan (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • Italy
  • Lombardia
  • Milan
    Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences
    • Austria
    • Vorarlberg
    • Dornbirn
        Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
        • Slovenia
        • Zahodna Slovenia
        • Ljubljana
            University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Public Administration)
            • Slovenia
            • Zahodna Slovenia
            • Ljubljana
                University of Applied Sciences Kempten
                • Germany
                • Schwaben
                • Kempten
                    Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
                    • Germany
                    • Freiburg
                    • Konstanz
                        Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland GmbH
                        • Austria
                        • Burgenland (AT)
                        • Eisenstadt
                            Industrial enterprises Association of Belluno Province
                            • Italy
                            • Veneto
                            • Belluno
                                Lombardy Region
                                • Italy
                                • Lombardia
                                • Milano
                                    Polymeris, French competitiveness cluster for rubbers, plastics and composites industry
                                    • France
                                    • Rhône-Alpes
                                    • Oyonnax
                                        USI Università della Svizzera Italyna
                                        • Switzerland
                                        • Ticino
                                        • Lugano
                                            Area Science Park
                                            • Italy
                                            • Friuli-Venezia Giulia
                                            • Trieste
                                                • 45.46006269.194659978280598
                                                • 47.40658139.744216731866953
                                                • 46.05741444999999614.515583203707724
                                                • 46.04898975000000414.503956692895823
                                                • 47.715251310.3131345
                                                • 47.667823459.16960373126613
                                                • 47.830380316.53244757088359
                                                • 46.136869212.218161
                                                • 45.48604249.1959558
                                                • 46.24767455.673366294950046
                                                • 46.00501028.9520281
                                                • 45.649648513.7772781


                                                • Industry 4.0

                                                  The AIPlan4EU project will bring AI planning in the European AI On-Demand Platform.
                                                  AI planning is a decision-making technology that consists in reasoning on a predictive model of a system being controlled and deciding how and when to act in order to achieve a desired objective. It is a relevant technology for many application areas that need quick, automated and optimal decisions, like agile manufacturing, agrifood or logistics. Although there is a wealth of techniques that are mature in terms of science and systems, several obstacles hinder their adoption, thus preventing them from making the footprint on European industry that they should make. The AIPlan4EU project will bring AI planning as a first-class citizen in the European AI On-Demand (AI4EU) Platform by developing a uniform, user-centered framework to access the existing planning technology and by devising concrete guidelines for innovators and practitioners on how to use this technology. The framework will be validated on use-cases both from within the consortium and recruited by means of cascade funding; moreover, standard interfaces between the framework and common industrial technologies will be developed and made available. In this talk, I will give an overview of the AIPlan4EU project, including a summary of its status and a description of the present and future cascade funding opportunities the project offers.