Green Mountain Pioneers Film: documenting innovation and resilience in the Alps

Dec 19, 2023

In the heart of the Alps lies a story of resilience, innovation and collective action against the pressing challenges of our time. “Green Mountain Pioneers”, a documentary directed by sustainability filmmaker Michael Shaw and produced by Sarisher Mann, sustainable finance expert and founder of the Sustainable Alpine Tourism Initiative (SATI), is a beacon of hope and inspiration in the face of climate change.


The film highlights the remarkable efforts being made in mountain tourism across the Alps. It details the groundbreaking strategies and solutions that aim to combat climate change while promoting the resilience of these fragile ecosystems. One of the “main characters” is the Interreg Alpine Space project ADAPTNOW, which is acting as a catalyst for adaptation strategies in the Alpine region.

A significant part of the documentary focuses on the SATI Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) trek in the summer of 2023. This multi-day, modular trek wasn’t just a hike; it was a journey designed to create a new narrative on sustainability. Through expert-led workshops and immersive outdoor conversations, the trek sought to bridge knowledge networks and interdisciplinary expertise, and cultivate progressive solutions for sustainability and resilience in alpine contexts.

What sets Green Mountain Pioneers apart is its diverse ensemble of voices: experts and scientists pushing the boundaries of innovation, communities that share their insights and lead collaborative actions.

Supported by key organisations such as the Mountain Research Initiative, Interreg Alpine Space, and Zell am See Kaprun Tourist Board, this film is more than a documentary; it’s a testament to global cooperation and commitment to a sustainable future.

The film premiered in an auspicious setting during COP28 in Dubai and resonated with an audience hungry for tangible solutions. But its journey is far from over. On 18 January 2024, the first public screening, which was sold-out, took place in Kaprun (Austria), bringing the narrative back to its roots and further igniting local conversations and action.

Green Mountain Pioneers is not just a film; it’s a call to action, which encapsulates the collective will to overcome challenges and conveys the idea that when communities, experts and governments come together, they can write a sustainable future amidst the towering peaks of the Alps.