ADAPTation Capacity Strengthening for Highly Affected and Exposed Territories in the Alps NOW
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In the future, recurring disasters related to climate change will affect nature and humans in the Alpine region even more severely and unpredictably than today. In order to be able to cope with unpredictable climate events, ADAPTNOW works on strengthening the adaptive capacity of Highly Affected and Exposed Territories (HEAT). To this end, the project partners implement and evaluate the available tools and practices for climate adaption and risk mitigation. By bringing together different local stakeholders, such as regional sectoral agencies and research centres, ADAPTNOW aims to make risk and adaption planning more integrated, collaborative and inclusive.


  • 2021 – 2027
  • Climate resilient and green Alpine region
  • SO 1.1 - Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention, resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches
    • AG8 Risk governance
    • AG9 Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • 11/2022
  • 10/2025
  • 2.034.650 EUR
  • 1.525.988 EUR


Climate change is happening now and we need to be better prepared for its consequences on citizens' wellbeing, nature and the economy. We must act fast, smart, effectively and integrate adaptation measures across all sectors and levels of society.

ADAPTNOW objective is to increase the risk management and adaptation capacities of Highly Affected and Exposed Alpine Territories (HAET) through the implementation and evaluation of agile, integrated, systemic and participatory approaches coordinated by regional and local public authorities with the support of sectoral agencies and research institutes.

ADAPTNOW will work on strengthening the adaptive capacity of Highly Affected and Exposed Alpine Territories (HAET) by implementing and evaluating the available climate adaptation and risk mitigation management tools and practices, assessing the Climate Adaptation Plans and developing Climate Services to support the territories and their local public authorities. Ultimately, ADAPTNOW aims at making risk and adaptation planning more integrated, collaborative and inclusive. This will be reached through a more dynamic, agile and participatory planning process in which all local stakeholders need to be involved.

ADAPTNOW brings together regional sectoral agencies and research centres from five AS countries (France, Italia, Austria, Germany and Slovenia) to support Pilot Actions and help set up and run Climate Services in support of 7+ HAET in the Alps. Their efforts will be focused in implementing and evaluating the adaptive capacity of pilots within predominant hazards in the Alps: Heatwaves, Heavy rains/floods and Gravitational/landslides. Key sectors have been identified to assess related impacts: Urban infrastructure, Forestry, Tourism and Health.

A replication action will link at least 6 additional HAET outside the partners consortium to test the replicability of climate adaptation and risk mitigation tools and practices, climate services and policy recommendations to ensure that HAET in the Alps can also strengthen their adaptation capacities.

ADAPTNOW will provide:

  • Support information and knowledge exchange of existing adaptation and risk mitigation management tools and practices a transnational/regional/local levels to improve the adaptive capacities of HAET;
  • At least 7 pilots will test the adapting capacity of specific economic sectors within HAET (Urban infrastructure, Forestry, Tourism and Health) share their experiences and develop more integrated and agile adaptation planning;
  • Existing Climate Support Services will be tailored to the local needs and increase the adaptation capacity of HAET;
  • Raise awareness among experts, policymakers, and citizens to create a common and shared knowledge of Alpine risks & adaptation solutions and practices.

Project outputs will be:

  • Guidebook for introducing advanced Climate Adaptation and Risk Mitigation planning at local level
  • Alpine Climate Adaptation Support Service Packag
  • Replication guid
  • Policy recommendations


Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • France
  • Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
  • Villeurbanne
Regional Agency for Infrastructure development, building Renovation and Energy of Liguria – IRE spa
  • Italy
  • Liguria (ITC3)
  • Genova
EURAC Research
  • Italy
  • Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen (ITH1)
  • Bolzano/Bozen
National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment
  • France
  • Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
  • St Martin d’Hères Cedex
Universität der Bundeswehr München
  • Germany
  • Oberbayern (DE21)
  • Neubiberg
iiSBE Italia R&D
  • Italy
  • Piemonte (ITC1)
  • Torino
Energy and Environmental Centre Allgaeu
  • Germany
  • Schwaben (DE27)
  • Kempten
Energy Institute Vorarlberg
  • Austria
  • Vorarlberg (AT34)
  • Dornbirn
Energy and Climate Agency of Podravje
  • Slovenia
  • Vzhodna Slovenija (SI03)
  • Maribor
Municipality of Genoa
  • Italy
  • Liguria (ITC3)
  • Genova
Municipality Selnica ob Dravi
  • Slovenia
  • Vzhodna Slovenija (SI03)
  • Selnica ob Dravi
Grenoble-Alps Metropole
  • France
  • Rhône-Alpes (FRK2)
  • Grenoble
  • 45.77163274.8649712
  • 44.40711118.9350994
  • 46.494530211.3472734
  • 45.193451045.76550849
  • 48.076993511.6615136
  • 45.06697147.6564385
  • 47.724224510.31926659412166
  • 47.4063629.7431549
  • 46.559939215.6373107
  • 44.41133178.9070062
  • 46.5515197515.49303763874046
  • 45.18874315.7391967


  • Guidebook for introducing advanced Climate Adaptation and Risk Mitigation planning at local level

    OT2.1 will provide methodological guidelines for designing, implementing and assessing pilot actions targeted at experimenting advanced local planning. It provides answers to: how to make a change in planning and includes case studies based on pilots, examples of nature-based adaptation measures. Targeted at CA&RM planners in regional and local administrations and experts in support organizations OT2.1 available online in an interactive format in EN and National languages

  • Alpine Climate Adaptation Support Service Package

    OT2.2 is targeted at sectoral agencies supporting the scaling up of local action for CA&RM, through the introduction of climate support services devoted to HAET in their region. OT2.2 draws on pilot activities and services being tested and deployed in T2. It will provide advice and guidance based on a set of concrete examples, testimonies, learnings and recommendations. It will be available online in an interactive format in EN and National languages.

  • Replication guide

    An online replication guide will provide advice for further replication in other Alpine HAET. It will include recommendations based on feedback, testimonies and learnings from the replication pairings as well as policy discussions during the Alpine policy roundtable. It will be made widely available through existing climate adaptation platforms (EUSALP CAPA, Climate-Adapt, regional platforms) and promoted through EUSALP AG8&9.

  • Policy recommendations

    Recommendations in EN for EUSALP, regional and local policy-makers: insights on policy improvements (governance, financing, stakeholder engagement, capacity building at local level).

Project news

Kick-off Meeting of the ADAPTNOW project in Grenoble

The ADAPTNOW Kick-off Meeting is taking place from 1st until the 3rd of February 2023 in Grenoble in France. This first in-person meeting will bring together 12 project partners from France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany.

ADAPTNOW project on the WSED 2023 conference in Wels in Austria

The World Sustainable Energy Days 2023 (WSED) is taking place from 28th of February until 3rd of March 2023 in Wels/Austria. Project ADAPTNOW has been also presented at the event.

Here is the FIRST issue of ADAPTNOW E-Newsletter!

The first issue of the ADAPTNOW Newsletter has been distributed in April 2023. In the Newsletter we would like to introduce you to our project, its activities, project partners and some of our news.