Sun detectives explore the building

Sep 6, 2023

Right at the beginning of the project ADAPTNOW, project partner Energieinstitut Vorarlberg from Austria developed working materials for kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools in cooperation with our education department. The aim was to sensitise the children to summer overheating in a playful way and to get a realistic assessment of summer use in the facilities through experimental temperature measurements.

In a first test run, the materials were tested in three kindergarten groups, four primary school classes and three secondary school classes. The children made bracelets out of “sun beads” and a sunscreen, got tips for proper ventilation on hot days and measured the temperatures on four sunny days between equinox and midsummer in the morning and at noon. The teachers’ feedback on the materials was positive, as was the evaluability of the collected data. As a result, cost-effective solutions are now to be discussed with the building authorities of the municipality.

Next year, the project Sun Detectives will be rolled out to other educational institutions.