A story about Sun detectives is spreading in Vorarlberg

Jun 20, 2024

This year in 2024 ADAPTNOW partner Energieinstitut Vorarlberg is reaching 50 kindergarten and school groups with their Sun Detectives awareness-raising programme.

After their test run in 2023 with 3 kindergarten groups, 4 primary school classes and 3 secondary school classes, the Sun Detectives are spreading in Vorarlberg. Schools in two climate change adaptation regions were approached and are participating in the programme with 50 classes and over 700 children in 2024. The children’s measurements led to interesting discussions with the municipal staff during last year’s test run, as the data obtained enabled us to address specific cases of overheating that could also be remedied.

A classic example is a classroom on the west side of the building where the children measure 30 degrees Celsius in the morning in May. The simple solution: close the sun blinds when leaving the classroom at midday and ensure sufficient air exchange at night. The room overheats due to the low sun in the west in the evening and has to be cooled down overnight.

You are welcome to read a SUN DETECTIVE story in German language.