Welcome to the second edition of the ADAPTNOW Newsletter!

Oct 13, 2023

Welcome to the second edition of the ADAPTNOW Newsletter. In these pages  we  would  like  to  introduce  you  to  our  project  pilot  areas, implemented  activities  and  some  of  our  news.  This  newsletter contributes to the commitment towards a more sustainable, carbon neutral, climate  resilient and green Alpine  region and we hope that you find it just as interesting as we do. The consortium of 12 project partners will  focus  their efforts  in  implementing and  evaluating  the adaptive  capacity of pilots within predominant hazards  in  the Alps: Heatwaves, Heavy rains/floods and Gravitation/landslides.

The  climate  is changing  faster  than we might think  –  it’s happening right now. Just two years ago, the whole world was hit by a virus, and now a lot of countries faces with floods, fires and drought. We need tmake decisions faster to keep up with all these changes.

Follow us over the next three years as we share experience, solutions, and good practice.
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