The Chivasso Municipal Council Strengthens Climate Resilience Collaboration with iiSBE Italia R&D: Expanding Innovations Beyond ADAPTNOW Pilot

Jan 9, 2024

Going well beyond pilot implementation in the frame of the ADAPTNOW project, the Chivasso Municipal Council has signed a collaboration agreement with iiSBE Italia R&D to expand and strengthen the opportunities to operate with synergic and innovative approaches on climate change adaptation and resilience measures.

The City of Chivasso is currently engaged in the revision of the Master Plan. The definition of the Strategic Environmental Assessment is part of this process and will include elements related to the assessment of risks due to climate change and the definition of adaptation strategies and measures. Different strategic areas and sectors will be focused: urban infrastructure, forestry, tourism and health. Exchange actions with experts, citizens, policy makers and concerned local stakeholders are part of the process.
The Piedmont Region, the Metropolitan City of Turin, the Regional Agency for the Environment – ARPA, the Order of Architects of Turin, the Polytechnic of Turin, the Piedmont Health Authority – ASL, the Management Authority of the Piedmont Po Park, are looking with great interest and attention to the pilot experience of Chivasso as, in the near future, it could be capitalized and replicated in a large number of municipalities in Piedmont.

The agreement signed between Chivasso Municipal Council and iiSBE Italia R&D will see the two parties involved not only in testing innovative, integrated and agile services, tools and methodologies as part of the implementation of the ADAPTNOW pilot, but it also will commit them in a broader collaboration to design and implement further projects focusing climate change adaptation and resilience through financing opportunities with national and EU funds.

You can also read the news in Italian language HERE.