CARE4TECH Cross-sectoral Alliances for Smart Living


What does a teenager in Rhône-Alpes have in common with a grandmother in Murska Sobota? They both have access to internet or smart technologies that ease their everyday life, thanks to Smart Living. Despite its potential, the fragmentation of its research and innovation landscape prevents the Alpine transnational regions from becoming a leading destination for technology providers in the field of Smart Living. CARE4TECH worked to overcome this fragmentation by fostering cooperation between quadruple helix players: public institutions, academia, business and civil society. The CARE4TECH Think Tank created new cross–border opportunities, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the Alpine Space region.


  • 2014 – 2020
  • Innovative
  • Improve the framework conditions for innovation in the Alpine space
    • Group 1: To develop an effective research and innovation ecosystem
    • Group 2: To increase the economic potential of strategic sectors
  • 11/2016
  • 01/2020
  • 1.847.820 EUR
  • 1.425.919 EUR


Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • Austria
  • Kärnten
  • Spittal an der Drau
    Evolaris next level GmbH
    • Austria
    • Steiermark
    • Graz
        microTEC southwest (registered association)
        • Germany
        • Freiburg
        • Freiburg
            University of Applied Sciences Kempten
            • Germany
            • Schwaben
            • Kempten
                Bayern Innovativ Ltd
                • Germany
                • Mittelfranken
                • Nürnberg
                    • Italy
                    • Lombardia
                    • Milano
                        NOI Techpark
                        • Italy
                        • Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen
                        • Bolzano
                            Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd.
                            • Slovenia
                            • Zahodna Slovenia
                            • Ljubljana
                                Pomurje Technology Park
                                • Slovenia
                                • Vzhodna Slovenia
                                • Murska Sobota
                                    PLASTIPOLIS Competitve Cluster of plastics engineering
                                    • France
                                    • Rhône-Alpes
                                    • Oyonnax Cedex
                                        TECHNOPARK® Zurich Foundation
                                        • Switzerland
                                        • Zürich
                                        • Zürich
                                            • 46.79707113.500827210979647
                                            • 47.075152815.4495529
                                            • 48.01129487.836614842373063
                                            • 47.717193910.3141282
                                            • 49.4514592511.083641482960765
                                            • 45.46419439.1896346
                                            • 46.480873311.3244909
                                            • 46.049382114.4607368
                                            • 46.658929316.18048312161801
                                            • 46.25058535.6313305
                                            • 47.38950948.5156582


                                            • CARE4TECH Output O.T.1.1 AS Knowledge Atlas

                                              Alpine Space (AS) Knowledge Atlas: A structure to map knowledge and cooperation in the field of Smart Living (SL) Technologies. It visualizes tech leaders, solutions, innovation & business development approaches in an accessible, digital knowledge database and visual matrix.
                                              Interested stakeholders have the possibility to access the AS Knowledge Atlas by submitting a formal request with Carinthia University of Applied Sciences under: In order to receive access, they have to fulfil the following formal requirements: - Organizations located in the Alpine Space region that have already implemented or are implementing projects in the field of Smart Living - Sign the CARE4TECH Informed Consent - Fill in the Interview Scheme containing institutional data and questions relating to activities in the field of Smart Living As soon as the formal requirements are fulfilled, interested organizations will receive their own login data via email.

                                            • CARE4TECH Output O.T.2.1 AS Alliances

                                              The aim of this activity was to develop a strategic structure supporting 11 thematic Smart Living tech excellence groups in cooperation, technology & innovation.
                                              From the project beginning, Alliances have started acquiring stakeholders’ commitment and gained important trust from Task Forces, which represent the core Alliance group. Nevertheless, Alliances have always operated in an open environment, willing to involve an ever-increasing number of stakeholders to be part of the Alliance activities. Due to this, Trello Boards have been communicated and disseminated during events, workshop, conferences and through the project tools and communication channels. Interested stakeholders can join the Alliances through the following link: To access the Trello Boards, the browsers Firefox or Chrome have to be used. The tool is not supported by Internet Explorer. Interested stakeholders can either create a Trello account or enter with their Google access data.

                                            • CARE4TECH Output O.T2.2 Alpine Campus

                                              The AS Alpine Campus is a transnational modular learning system, which provides a toolbox of common tools, knowledge base, terminology, processes and plans to the quadruple-helix teams, to support the integration of the AS Alliances in joint innovation projects related to Smart Living.
                                              Six Living and Innovation Labs and a set of Mentoring and Learning Tools were developed and optimized during the project time. The Output Description provides an overview of the results of Living Lab and Learning Tools implementation and how they supported above mentioned goals. More detailed information can be found in the deliverables section of this website.

                                            • CARE4TECH Output O.T3.1 AS Think Tank

                                              The aim of the AS Think Tank was to exhaust the knowledge, network and experience gained within the CARE4TECH project and to foster an improvement of the Alpine Space’s ability to provide smart living opportunities to the citizens of this area.
                                              The Think Tank strategy serves as an open network for dialogue and cooperation which actively supports stakeholders in the field of Smart Living to create new cross-border opportunities, thereby enhancing competitiveness in the Alpine Space region. The formalization of the commitment of the interregional actors involved in the Think Tank was translated and made clear into the Capitalization Agenda, a formal document conceived to include all formalized outputs produced within the Project, signed by Project Partners and committed Stakeholders, namely Supporting Organizations. To grant openness of the CARE4TECH network to interested stakeholders it was considered worthwhile to dedicate a specific section on the learning hub platform moodle to the activities carried out within the Smart Living network in the Alpine Space. Users interested being part of the C4T Think Tank group can find everything needed for the Think tank and Capitalization Agenda dissemination. The Moodle Think Tank section is available after registration at the platform.