HACK-IT-NET: enabling an Alpine region Health And Care Knowledge and Innovation Transfer NETwork



  • 2021 – 2027
  • Innovation and digitalisation supporting a green Alpine region
  • SO 3.1 - Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies
    • 2.512.138 EUR
    • 1.678.500 EUR


    Local Health Authority Veneto Region (Lead partner)
    • Lead partner
    • Italy
    • Veneto (ITH3)
    • San Donà di Piave
    Autonomous Province of Trento
    • Italy
    • Provincia Autonoma di Trento (ITH2)
    • Trento
    Health Agency of Lower Austria
    • Austria
    • Niederösterreich (AT12)
    • St. Pölten
    Carinthia University of Applied Sciences - non-profit limited liability company
    • Austria
    • Kärnten (AT21)
    • Villach
    University Medical Centre Maribor
    • Slovenia
    • Vzhodna Slovenija (SI03)
    • Maribor
    BioValley France
    • France
    • Alsace (FRF1)
    • Strasbourg
    BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg
    • Germany
    • Stuttgart (DE11)
    • Stuttgart
    Bayern Innovativ GmbH
    • Germany
    • Mittelfranken (DE25)
    • Nürnberg
    Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
    • Switzerland
    • Zentralschweiz (CH06)
    • Luzern
    • 45.629796812.5725986
    • 46.072192311.1212361
    • 48.202352115.6377459
    • 46.6098953513.886614699999999
    • 46.5527165515.648866687957181
    • 48.57520427.7490668
    • 48.77669869.1900543
    • 49.450126111.1021933
    • 47.04686028.3149104


    • Capacity Building Toolkit, with Social Innovation (SoI) Multi-Actor-Approach (MAA) Methodological FRAMEWORK & AS Health Need OUTCOMES & Solution Use Cases

      PPs co-create & EUSALP/Advisory Board validate Toolkit portfolios + APPROACH. System combines use cases, EU/AS innovation transfer players & Health/Care Actor needs (e.g. workers, policy & administrators & end user student & citizens). Using social innovation expertise (eg PP4, PP9, LP1) PP develop tools & APPROACH to foster transfer & meet AS Health OUTCOMES (e.g. Green E-Hospital, etc.). Comms: Video Needs Interviews, Solution Catalogue & Infographics. (PP4 Led, delivered RP 2, A1.1 & 1.2)

    • Network Operating Model, Letter of Commitment (LoC) + First Outreach & Uptake Events (HackITAthons) for Anchoring

      Designed to facilitate AS Green Deal goals & SDG 3/9 targets on Health/Care (e.g fair, equitable access to efficient innovation) the Operating Model sets processes & plan to deliver systematic support to transfer innovation from EU/Global to AS Health & Care ecosystem. Comms : Video Interviews on Network Value-Add (released on LinkedIn), ecosystem infographics & 3 HACK-ITathon events, M7-13-18 with EUSALP presidency & 3 feedback loops AG1, AG2 & AG5 + AB (LP1, PP2 & PP7 Led, delivered RP 3).

    • Transnational Pilot for Health & Care Research, Innovation, Technology, Knowledge Transfer Pathways (3 Social Innovation Methods, 3+ Spotlight Health OUTCOMES, 9 AS Test Zones & 9 AS Expansion Zones)

      Using O1.1 & O1.2, PPs create 1 transnational pilot with 3 testing sandboxes (9 AS Test Zones & 9 AS Expansion Zones). Tested tools help expose 3 health & care actor arenas (workers, policy makers & end-users) to innovation to impact on 3+ Spotlight Health OUTCOMES: ex 1: CAREavan brings digital & green innovation to admin. & workers; 2. PolicyParley links policymakers to innovation on system services; 3. STEMlab improves custom tech transfer to workers/end-users. (Led by PP5 in RP5 via A2.2)

    • Transnational FRAMEWORK Solution for Alpine Space Health & Care Innovation Transfer Pathways: tested operating model, with operational steps to activate lessons learnt

      Building on Pilot (O2.1) outcomes O3.1 formalizes a long-term solution to foster Innovation Transfer directly to Health & Care Ecosystem Actors, addressing key AS OUTCOMES. The Tools (O1.1) & Network (O1.2) (built in WP1 tested in WP2) are sustainably used in 3 transnational lighthouse projects with signed MoU to expand Network’s members across AS multi-actor groups (more HE/RTDs, BSOs + Enterprises & SMEs) + sets legal framework for future operations (Led by LP1/PP8, RP6 delivery, A3.1/2).

    • Policy Brief for Aligned Strategic Upscaling of Alpine Space Health & Care Innovation Transfer Pathways in the HACK-IT-NET FRAMEWORK

      Strategic recommendation transfer via validated Policy Brief to PP & AB PAs + Networks (incl. EUSALP AG1, 2 & 5 synergies) to support long-term Innovation Transfer Pathways/HACK-IT-NET FRAMEWORK anchoring. Policy2Practice (P2P) Lab promotes AS/EU exchange on upscaling & transferring insight to/from other sectors (e.g. H/C tourism), using Pilot & Solution (O3.1) outcomes as basis for real action & roll-out. Presented to EUSALP & in final public conference. (Led by PP2, RP6 delivery, A3.2 & A3.3)