Sustainable development of alpine open spaces by enhancing spatial planning governance


In the Alps, humans have set foot in every valley and on every peak. Wherever there is a high economic potential, for example for tourism or industry, open spaces are under pressure. OpenSpaceAlps fostered the sustainable development of the region by maintaining open spaces as an integral part of the Alpine green infrastructure. Through a participatory approach, it has developed a multi-level transnational spatial governance, taking into account the integration of ecosystem functions and needs in policies. Spatial and sectoral planners have improved their capacities to balance different land uses.


  • 2014 – 2020
  • Liveable
  • Enhance the protection, the conservation and the ecological connectivity of Alpine Space ecosystems
    • Group 6: To preserve and valorise natural resources, including water and cultural resources
    • Group 7: To develop ecological connectivity in the whole EUSALP territory
  • 10/2019
  • 06/2022
  • 980.740 EUR
  • 833.629 EUR


Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • Austria
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