The networking event that took place in Kempten on the 20th of June 2017 focused on linking stakeholders municipalities and other multipliers together to find similar fields of interest in order to combat climate change and develop the right adaptation measures.

The event was organized on behalf of the German Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency) and in co-operation with the communication specialist IKU_Die Dialoggestalter and regional stakeholders and municipalities of the Allgäu Region.

In casual but productive atmosphere representatives of companies, municipalities, stakeholders and citizens tried to find actions that serve the interest of more than one stakeholder. Co-operation was the keyword. In this context PEACE_Alps could present its objectives and an attractive offer: a coaching programme by partners of the PEACE_Alps project which contributes to transfer sasuccessful best practice examples, carried out within the project itself, to other engaged entities. This offer aims at district administrations or regional energy agencies who are interested to push municipalities towards actions regarding mitigation and adaptation measures.

In the historic Kornhaus of the city of Kempten (Allgäu) the German Weather Agengy (DWD) presented what is expected to happen with respect to climate change during the next 30-50 years in the Allgäu region. Following this introduction everybody was invited to thematic round table discussions such as agriculture, winter tourism, sustainable mobility, risk management, heat and health.

Also PEACE_Alps had a round table to find supporters of its' ideas as well as interested transfer municipalities/districts. “It is the implementation of practical actions that most people are interested in, such as the low invest improvement of heating systems or guidelines for adaptation-conform new buildings” states Dr. Hans-Jörg Barth who represents the regional energy agency eza! Now the ideas and intentions need to become real co-operations and actions in order to boost adaptation in the region. But for PEACE_Alps the event proved to be worth it, since already two interested parties would like to be part of the PEACE_Alps transfer programme.