If Europe wants to meet its Paris climate commitments and reach a CO2-neutral electricity supply by 2045, it will need to triple its current offshore wind installation rate, wrote the energy and climate consultancy Ecofys on its website last week.

According to Ecofys, Europe's joint onshore low-carbon generation resources (wind, solar, bio, hydro, and the remaining nuclear) could only provide up to 55% of the required capacity.

ʺThis leaves 45% to be covered by offshore sources and translates into an offshore wind target of approximately 230 GW for the North Seas countries. 180 GW of that capacity could be generated in the North Sea, and the remaining 50 GW in other seas like the Baltic and Irish Seas and the Atlantic,ʺ said Ecofys.

It warned that with 13 GW installed currently, however, the region is far from the required total.

ʺTo realise this growth, the offshore wind installation rate would have to triple from the current 3 GW/year to approximately 10 GW/year in 2030,ʺ stressed Ecofys, which assessed that offshore wind from the North Seas region will be pivotal in realising a 100% decarbonised electricity supply in less than 30 years.



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