Sustainable Territories


While sustainability assessment tools are already well-established for buildings and small urban areas, such tools do not yet exist for the built environment at the level of terri-tories. CESBA Alps aims to improve the sustainability of the Alpine built environment through the development of the first assessment tool at territorial scale, which will be contextual-ized to regional specificities.

Through objective criteria and performance indicators ad-dressing all dimensions of sustainability, the tool will support the sustainability assessment of a territory, the definition of objective performance targets, the decision making in plan-ning processes and the implementation and monitoring of effective low carbon policies.

CESBA-Alps at a glance

Innovative policies for sustainable territories

  • We promote and facilitate the use and implementation of assessment tools at territorial level in low carbon policies and planning activities.
  • We set reliable, measurable and verifiable performance targets in policies and territorial plans


Sustainability Assessment Tools for Alpine Space Territories

  • We produce a sustainability assessment tool for territories (CESBA STT), which will be contextualized for each pilot region.
  • We create the necessary conditions for the implementation, use and adoption by of the regional CESBA STT tools.
  • A CESBA Alpine Space Passport with common Key performance indicators (CESBA KPI) allows the comparison of different regions.


Pilot testing: territorial assessment and training

  • We produced a guideline, a toolbox for implementation, and we support pilot testing and training on local level.
  • 9 local CESBA Committees (CLCs) will be developed to implement and test the CESBA STT tool in the pilot regions.
  • The 9 pilot regions are: Liechtenstein, Lombardia, Pro-vence Alpes Côte d’Azur, Piemonte, Auvergne, Rhône Alpes, Slovenia, Upper Bavaria, Veneto and Vorarlberg.


The CESBA Alps project is part of the transnational CESBA-initiative,
ensuring the durability and transferability of results across Alpine space regions.
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