EUSALP Annual Forum 2022

22-24 November 2022 in Trento, Italy


HYBRID event

Joining forces for a climate-resilient and carbon-reduced Alpine region

As part of the EUSALP Annual Forum, the Interreg Alpine Space will hold a session to foster synergies between EUSALP stakeholders and the partners of Interreg Alpine Space projects 2021-2027 tacking climate resilience and carbon reduction. It shall enable the creation of durable collaborations to address these urgent Alpine challenges. The session will take place on 23 November, from 16:15 to 17:45. After an inspiring keynote speech delivered by an IPCC author, it will be dedicated to dynamic presentations and open discussions between the participants.

The session will enable Interreg Alpine Space project partners and EUSALP stakeholders to get in direct contact for an effective cooperation towards the objectives of the Strategy and of the programme. It will be a platform to promote the ambitions of the programme regarding climate resilience and CO2 reduction, as well as its funding opportunities. Furthermore, it will provide a space for reflection and discussion on key Alpine challenges between experts and policy makers.

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