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The Interreg Alpine Space programme is offering a series of Q&A sessions on different topics for you to prepare for the currently opened first call for project proposals of the programming period 2021-2027.

Get informed about the thematic priorities of the programming period, the application procedures and how to make a good application for funding.

Click on the link below to join our first Q&A session about Quality criteria for a good application, on 18 January from 14:00 to 15:30! The session is web streamed using MS Teams. No registration needed!




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Topics of the Q&A sessions

18 January 2022 | 14:00-15:30

Q&A about quality criteria for a good application

In the first session of our series you will get the chance to ask questions all around the application process, so you will be provided with all the information you need to submit a good quality application. Therefore you can get deeper into topics like the programme priorities and the type of projects, which will help applicants to develop solid partnerships as well as good work plans. Another important topic for discussion is the role of indicators to measure success.

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26 January 2022 | 10:00-11:30

Q&A about the eligibility rules

The second session will give you the possibility to learn everything about the eligibility rules for the first call. Besides the introduction to this topic and further information on the five cost categories as well as their calculation options, colleagues of the Managing Authority are going to answer your questions.

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10 February 2022 | 10:00-11:30

Q&A about the joint electronic monitoring system (Jems)

The third session is going to introduce the joint electronic monitoring system called Jems. You are going to learn more about it by watching live demonstrations carried out by project officer Nicolas Chesnel directly on the system, followed by the chance to ask questions. Addressed topics are the first steps in the system, the management of users, how to fill in the AF-step 1 and the submission of the proposal.

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