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Oct 5, 2022

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In September, we started to highlight some of the successful projects co-financed by the Interreg Alpine Space programme in 2014-2020. We asked experienced lead partners what made the success of their Alpine Space projects. We hope that their testimonials can help future applicants in developing their own projects!

Today we continue with THE4BEES, a project that has focused not only on the technical aspects of achieving energy-efficient buildings, but above all on the people who spend time inside them. The project built on the hypothesis that energy is consumed by people, not by buildings, and therefore both factors – people in interaction with technology – should be considered. It therefore focused on the behavioural changes of users in public buildings that are necessary to achieve a reduction in energy consumption.

We asked Desiree Bua, the lead partner of THE4BEES, what made the success of the project: “As we were targeting users and their behaviour, we clearly understood we needed to somehow involve users in our project. Helpfully the representatives of the public administration within our project were aware of that and helped us reach those targets. It was also really helpful to have some sociological support within the partnership because it made it possible for us to prepare and introduce measures and approaches that were more targeted to our final users.”

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