This week’s topic is circular economy!

Jan 9, 2023

Our new classic projects CEFoodCycle, Cradle-ALP and AlpTextyles are working on the concept of circular economy in different sectors. CEFoodCycle focuses in particular on preventing food waste.

To tackle food waste, for instance in the hospitality sector, there is a great potential for resource related to food overproduction or packaging. By applying the concept of circular economy to the food stream, CEFoodCycle will create a sustainable methodology to avoid food waste, reuse resources and close food cycles in the Alps. Resource saving potentials will be identified in product categories such as fruits and vegetables, meat or dairy products. A digital service system using artificial intelligence will connect stakeholders inside and outside the food stream. The project will enable different stakeholders to take into account resource and CO2 savings and strengthen sustainable and circular economic competitiveness in the Alps.