What makes Alpine Space projects successful?

Dec 1, 2022

We provide the answer in our Alpine master class series!

In September, we started to highlight some of the successful projects co-financed by the Interreg Alpine Space programme in 2014-2020. We asked experienced lead partners what made the success of their Alpine Space projects. We hope that their testimonials can help future applicants in developing their own projects!

Today we continue with SmartVillages, a project focused on the smart digital transformation of villages in the Alpine Space. Using digital technologies and new participative approaches, the project aimed to make Alpine rural areas a more attractive place to live and work, especially for young people. By bringing together policy makers, business, academia and civil society, the transfer of project results to the policy level helped to improve the political framework conditions for digital innovation.

We asked Peter Niederer, the lead partner of SmartVillages, what made the success of the project: “With regard to durability and transferability of results, we developed many actions. The most important of these actions was the digital exchange platform. There, one can make a smartness assessment of his or her village and region and via matchmaking can find methodologies and good practices that help in the implementation of a smart village project.”

Follow this link to watch the full interview: https://youtu.be/d1trgVIKZKM

To find out more about SmartVillages, visit their project page: https://bit.ly/3VEx3tG