The EU strategy for the Alpine region, EUSALP, constitutes a strategic agenda that should guide relevant policy instruments at EU, national and regional level. On 15th February 2017, several Alpine Space projects, among which PlurAlps, were invited to the EUSALP Forum in Garmisch-Partenkirchen/D to identify thematic overlaps and potentials for creating mutual synergies.

The PlurAlps project thematically fits to the EUSALP Action Group 3 “To improve the adequacy of labour market, education and training in strategic sectors”. The main focus of this action group is currently on the dual vocational education in the Alpine Space. “As a result of the discussions, we have defined several synergies between PlurAlps and the action group”, expresses Robert Moosbrugger, lead partner of PlurAlps, his satisfaction.

PlurAlps will organise an Alpine-wide call to identify good practices focusing on the integration of migrants. The idea of the call is backed by the action group and good practice examples with regards to integrating migrants in the dual vocational education system will be included into the call. Another PlurAlps activity will consist in developing policy recommendation. The action group agreed to support this process. As EUSALP also develops policy papers, it is conceivable that the PlurAlps policy recommendations will be part of an EUSALP policy paper. Furthermore, the action group wants to cooperate with PlurAlps for transnational events. As an example, the PlurAlps mid-term conference (May 2018, Turin) shall also have a session on good practices in dual vocational education for the labour market integration of migrants. Furthermore, PlurAlps can benefit from EUSALP communication channels to disseminate the project results.

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