After the welcome speech and formal partners meeting, Alice Jude (MNCA) presented the objectives of the co-creative labs and as an example discussed the SIB system as is taking place in France. Furthermore, first Austrian (Eva Miklautz, Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs, Nina Schneider and Florian Maurer, FHV) and German (Knut Wuhler, Eckert School) SIBs were presented, both stressing their satisfaction after successfully finishing the project, but also expressing the need for a more SIB friendly national legislations.

The second day was dedicated to the co-creative lab. In the morning 4 groups, under the supervision of Fahrudin Bajric (PSP PACA), portrayed 4 older persons, imagined their life styles, challenges they have been facing and brainstormed solutions that would make their lives easier. In the afternoon the NEETs problematics was studied under the supervision of Knut Wuhler (Eckert School). 4 groups looked for reasons that cause for example youth unemployment or youth crime and discussed the potential investors that would be interested in tackling those issues.

Both co-creative lab sessions resulted in many interesting ideas, which will be further upgraded at the second co-lab in Austria.