On 10th-11th May the meeting of the Task force “Alpine School Model” took place at the Geography department of the Univeristy of Innsbruck. The aim of the meeting was to define a first scheme of the Alpine School Model as a necessary step to proceed with the thematical organization of the YOUrALPS’ Summer School to be held in August 2017 at BC Naklo High school.
On the basis of a proposition presented by FLA (Fondazione Lombardia Ambiente), the Task force group developed three main goals under which relevant thematical content is to be grouped: nature protection and landscape conservation, quality of life and participatory processes. These goals, the relevant subthemes and the associated values will be linked to the European values underpinning several documents on sustainable development, such as the Biodiversity Convention, the EU strategy on sustainable development 2030 and others. The thematical framework so defined will be focused on the specificities of Alpine sustainable development.
FLA will further develop the model and will provide a first version of a content roadmap that can be used as a basis for the organization summer school.