Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Lighting, Robotics, Mechatronics, Tannery, Environment and Cultural Heritage, Forestry System were just some of the sectors discussed in Venice at the Entrepreneurial Discovery Workshop held in Mestre on June 29th.

Together with the representatives of the Veneto Region and Veneto Innovazione, which are both project partners, companies presented their core competences and share ideas on how new technologies could be combined to meet some of the challenges the Alpine regions are facing: economic globalization, climate change, energy, demographic change and the massive transit of people and goods.

The aim is now to exploit and valorise the proposals emerged in the discussion in the next update the S3 as well as to foster transnational cooperation with other innovative clusters present in the partners’ regions.

Smart packaging preserving perishable products, sustainable woodworking chemicals, new lighting system for smart cities, sensors for the protection of the environment and the cultural heritage, technologies for precision agriculture, remote monitoring technologies for machine maintenance , these were just some ideas emerged during the discussion.

The Veneto event is part of a series of Entrepreneurial Discovery Workshops that are being organized in all the regions participating in the project. The results will facilitate also the valorisation of synergies among areas and the development of transnational cooperation in the Alpine area.