C-TEMAlp partners met at the  Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano on April 12 and 13 for the periodical Steering Committee.

The main discussions were focused on the Business Transfer services testing phase.

The C-TEMAlp in fact offers companies a services package that includes  both dedicated service for sellers willing to disinvest all or part of the shares and interested in finding a possible business partner abroad (Alpine Space area) as well as supporting services to clients that would like to buy/invest in new markets. The services package consists of technical and specialist support that would be activated on the basis of the clients’ need all along the project life by the C-TEMAlp partners and through their local stakeholders network.

The C-TEMAlp  partners moreover formally approved the Cooperation model, a  guideline which helps the organisations part of the C-TEMAlp network, to follow a common and harmonized approach in providing the services . If you are interested the guideline can be downloaded here.

Another important issue was the results of the Business Platform test. A dedicated  platform in fact has been set up to helps Partners and advisors in exchanging information about their clients and it is the reference point for companies interested in asking for C-TEMAlp services. The platform can be reached here www.business-transfer.eu

The first clients are already testing the services and the outcomes and the follow up of such testing phase will be discussed in the next meeting of the C-TEMAlp Steering Committee which will take place in Autumn in Marseille, France.