Bauges Massif Regional Natural Park (PNRMB) is continuing field research by involving communities, groups and individuals, around the elements of the Alpine food heritage, as intangible cultural heritage (know-how, traditional techniques, rituals, oral traditions, etc.).

This work will continue to grow in the coming months with the collection and production of alpine data to explore and tell practices, rituals, social and cultural activities related to the productive landscapes of the Bauges.

A meeting in Aosta Valley (Italy) was organized on the 14th of October for the celebration of Lo Pan Ner (The bread of the Alps), to discover the process, to exchange with the inhabitants and elected representatives of Aosta Valley, to encourage exchanges between the actors and inhabitants of the Bauges Massif to prepare together our participation in the 2018 edition.

54 inhabitants of the Bauges Massif participated in this day and shared rich moments of meetings and exchanges.

“This journey of bread, in a neighboring mountain region like the Aosta Valley, is a dream becoming reality: the dream of building new bridges between the countries of the Alpine Region, close countries and brothers. If history has separated us by borders, common traditions bring us together.
We will be able to write a new bread story. The black bread of the ancestors and the long winter of the snow, the bread of our ovens and our local associations. The bread of the Alps, long memory and shared future.” (Valentina Zingari)