Are you involved in activities that support the integration of migrants and a pluralistic Alpine Space? Then take the opportunity and go for the Alpine Pluralism Award 2018!

Pluralism as a chance
The Alpine Pluralism Award 2018 honours initiatives and projects that support integration and social diversity in the Alpine region. Any integration measures or projects that have been or are being implemented within the area of the Interreg Alpine Space Programme can be submitted until 18 December 2017.

» Measures for managing social change brought by migration with mutual benefits for migrants and local host societies
» Measures for the integration of migrants into the local / regional labour market and for fostering entrepreneurship of migrants
» Measures for building upon skills of migrants in order to improve land use, nature protection and regional development
» Measures that support the school/work transition of migrants and measures that promote the inclusion of migrants into the dual educational path.

» Online promotion for the best measures in each of the four categories to a larger audience covering the Alpine Space
» Participation in the PlurAlps project Mid-Term Conference in Turin/IT in May 2018
» Prize money for the best measures [funded by external sponsors and not by the ERDF].

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