It was mid-term for the project PEACE_Alps „Municipalities join efforts for sustainable and concrete energy solutions“ – when partners met at the Innovation Center W.E.I.Z., Austria in November to share success stories and discuss next steps for the engagement campaign in Alpine Space area.

While partners of Razvojna Agencija Sinergija, Civic Foundation Energiewende Oberland and Ökoinstitut Südtirol/Alto Adige presented examples of centralized solutions implemented in their regions, another team was busy to record partner voices in French, Italian and Slovenian for the PEACE_Alps video tool “How to implement energy action plans.” The video is now available in all Alpine languages on the PEACE_Alps YouTube channel.

Another highlight were the talks given by European projects in the frame of PEACE_Alps networking activities. All projects are dealing with methodologies that can be helpful for PEACE_Alps partners. For example, the climate change indicators of CESBA Alps can be used in the frame of PEACE_Alps for monitoring of the actions implemented; IMEAS has developed a concept that enhances energy planning and implementation capacity; from the project Life SEC Adapt partners can take some input for the methodological approach and the TUNE project is using tools for energy management which is one of the main topics of PEACE_Alps.

Finally Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Énergie-Envrironnement (AURA-EE, formerly RAEE) reported about the finalization of the open call for the engagement campaign in Alpine Space regions which will start in the months to come. 24 organizations applied as replication partners for PEACE_Alps and will participate in a joint exchange with one of the PEACE_Alps expert partners in order to learn about the bottom up approach and the pooling of centralized solutions which was successfully tested in the PEACE_Alps project.

The partnership is now looking forward to the exchange with experts from other Alpine regions which will give just the right impetus for the final stretch of way within the project.