The European region Danube-Vltava is a trilateral union which was established on a political level in the form of a working community, and which incorporates seven partner regions:

  •     Upper Austria
  •     Lower Austria (regions of Mostviertel and Waldviertel)
  •     Lower Bavaria with Altötting
  •     Upper Palatinate
  •     Pilsen Region
  •     South Bohemian Region
  •     Vyso─Źina Region

On December 14th they met in a one day workshop together with their innovation-stakeholders to update their current and future focus points in their research and innovation activities.

In the morning session of the workshop each region presented their finetuned strategy and in afternoon Business Upper Austria, partner also of S3-4AlpClusters project, shared the tools and outcomes developed in the projected focusing especially on the synergy diamond methodology.

Participants were then able to prioritize four main fields (ICT, Production Technologies, Clean Tech, Life Sciences) and identify more than 50 potential transformative technology topics out of which five were selected for further development: Smart grids & Energy Monitoring, Industry 4.0: IoX & Sensorics, Information Security, Personalized Medicine/Telemedicine/e-Health, Big-Data/Artificial Intelligence.

The European Region Danube-Vltava policy level will be in February informed of these outcomes in order to develop innovation supporting measures in the selected fields.