A “bedload workshop”, organized by the regional government of Carinthia together with the water management authority of the district of Hermagor, took place in the city of Hermagor on September 28th from 10:00 to 15:30, maybe we can label 2 hours of the discussions with Helmut to belong to HyMoCARES.

Some sections of the Gail River, an alpine gravel bed river in Southern Austria, face serious problems resulting from accelerated bed incision (scouring of bridge piers and bank protections, disconnection of the floodplain and decreased flow retention), while downstream river sections are confronted with sedimentation along the river banks, causing a narrowing of the channel and hence increased flood risk. In the course of the development of a river development plan for the Gail River, the regional government of Carinthia organized a bedload workshop, where Helmut Habersack could promote the HyMoCARES approach of a catchment-wide sediment management concept to the participants.