The second project period was completed with the publication of a cluster action plan, aiming at the implementation of an innovation model  to identify and develop transformative activities for regional development through clusters.

While S3 are a common policy tool at the EU level and beyond, recent experiences show that development and implementation are far from trivial. During the second period of the INTERREG VB Alpine Space project S3-4AlpClusters, an Innovation Model was developed as a systematic process to identify and develop Transformative Activities (TA) to serve regional development. In parallel, a Cluster Action Plan was elaborated, describing the process and tools necessary to put the Innovation Model into practice with clusters playing an active role. The action plan addresses specific challenges identified through the previous activities of the project, notably with respect to the entrepreneurial discovery process, cross-regional cooperation and the role of clusters. Moreover, the plan includes a proposition for a Synchronised Scheme. This transregional funding exercise, which is built on existing regional programmes, intends to align these programmes and support transregional consortia through joint calls for proposals. The development of the outputs was informed by a Good Practice Report on services provided by Cluster Initiatives across the Alpine Space and a series of Cluster Workshops, where the best practices were further discussed in all participating regions.  

The main results of the second period are available in the reports published on the project website. In addition to the publication of these reports, the project regularly updated its stakeholders and the public through press releases, short films on its Youtube channel, a series of Midterm workshops and presentations outside of the project to a diverse community ranging from TCI (2018 conference in Bogota) to the German Ministry of the Environment (Workshop Eco-Innovation supporting a Green Economy in the Alpine region).