39 guests and expert speakers came together to discuss social impact bonds during the Social Innovation summit 2018 in Stuttgart on March 10, 2018.

The session labelled ‘Social Impact Bonds – ideas meet investors’ brought together a wide range of different AlpSIB target groups, such as foundations, investors, researchers, banks and social providers.

After a thorough introduction into Social Impact bonds by Johannes Weber, who is mainly responsible for activities in the field of impact investing at the BMW foundation in Munich, Maike Hornung from Bertelsmann Stiftung presented two new German Social Impact Bonds in Germany to the audience.

Afterwards, guests and experts discussed different use cases for Social impact bonds, discussed open questions, and two investors called social providers to approach them.

Aim of the session was to familiarise the audience with social impact bonds, bring together social providers with ideas with capital giving investors and to create more awareness among different stakeholders.

The Social Innovation summit was the perfect opportunity to host the Focus Track  Social Impact Bonds at as 400 guests ranging from social entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and actors in the social scene were attending different talks. AlpSIB also introduced speakers such as Mika Pyykkö from the Finnish Investment Fund Sitra to the organisers who attended a panel on Social Impact Investment a day prior. 

Opinion of the participants: ‘The Session was really great. It was great fun and encouraged me to get more involved in the topic again.’ Johannes Weber, BMW Foundation

Program of the event:

14: 45h Welcome by Anja Nieveler, project and network manager, bwcon

14: 50h Impulse Social Impcat Bonds

Johannes Weber, Project Manager, BMW Foundation: Social Impact Bonds - What is it?

Maike Hornung, Project Manager, Bertelsmann Stiftung - New Social Impact Bonds in Germany

15: 30h Dicussion and exchange in groups

1) Armin Pialek, Project Manager, BMW Foundation: Social Impact Bonds- never heard

2) Johannes Weber and Maike Hornung: SIBs - I find that exciting, but would have a question ...

3) Anja Nieveler: I have concrete project ideas - Let's discuss this

16: 10h Summary of the discussion content

16: 15h networking


Social Innovation Summit 2018, @ wizemann.space, Quellenstrasse 7a, 70376 Stuttgart, GER


Friday, 10.11.2017, 2:45pm – 5pm

Target Groups:


Investors/ banks


Public body

University/ researchers