The last, 4th co-lab, took place on 18th and 19th April 2018 in Pordenone. It discussed the topic of how to find investors for the SIB projects.

Guest lecturer at the co-lab was Mr Marc Baumann from the Swiss Invethos AG. He presented a SIB project his organisation launched in Switzerland. An idea for the project came from the private sector and the desired solution for the social problem was the creation of some sort of public private partnership structure. The project focuses on the integration of the temporary admitted migrants and refuges in the labour market in the Canton of Berne. Mr Bauman focused on the investor's aspect of the SIB project including goals and measurement aspects.

The second day two workshops took place, one in the field of the seniors and one in the field of NEETs. The idea of the workshops was to predict all the possible scenarios of a successful and unsuccessful SIB project.

With the event in Pordenone AlpSib project concluded the series of co-creative lab events that led the participants from all the stages of planning the SIB project.