On 19th June 2018 the first TAB meeting was hosted by Eckert School in München. The goal of the TAB meeting was to gather various experts in the field of SIB to discuss numerous aspects, which will form the transnational methodology of social impact investments.

The TAB was moderated by Anja Nieveler from Bwcon. It offered two rounds of three workshops, which were led by three prominent experts. First workshop was titled “From procurement to partnership” and was led by Mr Julian Blake, partner at Stone King from the United Kingdom. Second workshop focused on “Contract Design” and was coordinated by Mr Jussi Nykänen, PhD, co-founder and chairman at Epiqus in Finland. Third workshop was titled “Outcome measurement” and was led by Ms Stephanie Petrick, head of impact investing at Phineo in Germany.

National and international experts attending TAB came from bank sector, private companies, NGOs, research institutions and foundations. They commented on the three topics under discussion from the national perspective as well as from the European context. They also gave valuable advice to the project partners, who are setting up SIB projects in their countries. Together they paved the way towards creating the transnational methodology on social impact investments, which will be handed also to the representatives of the European Commission.

The TAB meeting in München was first of the three planned, which will take place in the next months and will significantly contribute towards accepting the transnational methodology, which will set an example for the future of SIBs in European Union.