In these three years of project implementation, the eleven C-TEMAlp Partners , covering eight European regions, have worked together to grow a well connected network of institutional organizations that could offer potential sellers or buyers confidentially and customized services provided directly or through a pool of trusted local business transfer experts.

During the testing phase about one hundred companies were served with dedicated services for transnational business transfer and now some of these firms are concretely proceeding exploring a possible Alpine Space matching.

During the final conference on one side the best practices of the project and lessons learned will be shared and deepened by our experts and on the other side some possible scenarios to foster business transfer will be explored and discussed with policy makers and representatives from the European Commission.

Business transfer experts, practitioners, interested companies and decision makers are invited to take part and contribute to this debate attending also to the networking moments organized before and after the speeches.

The languages of the event are English and German (simultaneous interpreting is provided).

The participation is free but the registration is mandatory.

Go to to register.

Attached the agenda and the instruction for registration in English