From 24th to 26th of September IMEAS project partners met on the 6th project meeting in Velenje, Slovenia.

Adressing challenges of missing incentive alignments, poor information flow amongst actors and non-harmonized approaches towards energy planning, that don't work on multidimentional levels, thus not recognizing different national, regional, local and sectoral needs, IMEAS continues to work towards making energy planning easier by developing holistic and integrated tools to tackle gaps between policies, methodologies and actions.

Adopting it's specific vertical, horizontal and transversal approach development of easy-to-use guidelines and tools on specific topics, such as energy planning, stakeholder networks, successful initiatives and models, coherent data collection/management schemes, integration across territorial domains is now almost complete and will take into account multidimensional and transnational links.

Development of IMEAS Community Web Platform is also well underway. It will be easy to use platform combining all developed tools and gudelines and will follow one important goal - find multi-level and cooperative approaches to set people into motion toward a low-carbon energy transition in the EU Alpine Region.