New research article on interactions among ecosystem services (ES) is now online!
The paper was prepared by the team of the department of Ecology from the University of Innsbruck in cooperation with Lead Partner Eurac and identifies spatial mismatches of Ecosystem Services supply and demand areas in the Alpine space. It was written by Uta Schirpke, Sebastian Candiago, Lukas Egarter Vigl, Hieronymus Jäger, Alice Labadini, Thomas Marsoner, Claude Meisch, Erich Tasser, Ulrike Tappeiner.
The paper is published in the virtual special issue on Ecosystem Services in a Changing Environment of Science of the Total Environment.
A comprehensive understanding of the relationships among ES is important for landscape management, decision-making and policy development, but interactions among multiple ES remain under-researched.
To analyse the complexity of ES relationships we applied a multistep approach including various statistical analyses and thus identified five ES bundles, which revealed spatial linkages between major supply and demand areas.
Read the full paper here :