From 27 to 29 September 2018, the second national conference of Electric Mobility "E_mob" was held at Piazza Città di Lombardia in Milan. 

During the conference, on the main stage, the Carta Metropolitana della Mobilità (Underground Map of Electric Mobility) was presented: the final document of the 2017 edition, containing practical solutions to make the Municipalities suitable for battery-powered vehicles. 
Friday, September 28th was dedicated  the operational workshops for a clean future: a technical-scientific day with the heads of universities, associations, research centers and a qualified scientific committee to illustrate and define the most effective solutions to improve the air quality of our cities. 

The main topics discussed during the conferences were the analysis of the costs of "supply" and payment methods in Europe, rules and regulations to allow the right to public and private recharge. 

The event ended on Saturday 29 September with the electric gathering and test drives of some electric machines. 

Owners of electric vehicles could discover the electrical models that will come in the next future, the direct and indirect incentives available, the charging methods and the advantages of driving with the "shock". 

Near by the square it was possible to admire the 500 zero emission cars for the national gathering; it was also possible to test cars, motorcycles, scooters and pedal assisted bikes to experience the pleasure of traveling in silence while respecting the environment and health.

e-MOTICON has been guest of "Parterre Innovazione" with other european projects and innovations on e-mobility.