Tools for better integration of new inhabitants in the local community

Short Description
Activities will take place in three municipalities from three Slovenian regions, the Municipality of Kamnik, the Municipality of Jesenice and the Municipality of Postojna, with a strong emphasis on inter-municipal cooperation. Stakeholders include municipal administrations, service providers and NGOs. The following activities are foreseen:
• »I am a volunteer« - creation of a social network offering possibilities to new inhabitants to participate in voluntary activities within public sector institutions, associations and NGOs.
• My skills – Your skills: setting up a web platform to help new inhabitants to obtain the knowledge of e.g. language, competence in administration issues and other assistance, and share their knowledge and skills e.g. languages, ICT skills, arts, crafts.
• Initiating a process to establish a »Cultural mediator« in municipalities: a person who will help new inhabitants in communication with the providers of administrative, social, health, education and other services.
• New inhabitants' family literacy: initiating and promoting events organised by local libraries (in cooperation with kindergartens and schools) for new inhabitant families to visit libraries, browse through materials and borrow, and socialise. 

Goals of the project
To ease new inhabitants’ integration in the local community by:
• strengthening social relations between them and the local community,
• improving access to and increasing use of, available services,
• stimulating them to participate in community life and to enrich local community with their skills.

Photo: Process workshop with stakeholders © Barbara Černič Mali