Within two years of piloting in different areas of Carinthia, we were able to detect some interesting findings concerning man-power, economic values and efficient savings.

In average, we covered, during the piloting phase with one nurse, an area with around 1.000 inhabitants older than 65 years and 4.500 inhabitants over all. Out of 4079 elderly we treated 532 people within the project piloting. We were able to stabilise the personal situations of the elders and empower the capabilities of their families in taking care in a way that allowed the elderly to stay at their own home, rather than being turned in to a nursing home.

In addition, we managed to implement essential and sustainable activities to informal carers in order to promote health and prevention to the whole family. The fact that not a single client was leaving the project during the piloting phase is a genuine prove of the high quality of the services delivered throughout the entire duration. 80 people out of the 532 treated reported that the nurses enabled them to stay at home for 963 month in total, which equals in overall savings to more than 680.000 Euros of public expenses.