On 30th January 2019 Nice hosted its capital-matching event, which was dedicated to the silver economy in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region. The question posed was if the financial model, presented by the AlpSib project, can support regional economic development, which is essential for job creation.

Opening speech was delivered by Ms Laurence Navalesi, Municipal Councillor of the City of Nice in charge of cross-border cooperation and Metropolitan Councillor, who stressed that silver economy represents an important challenge and opportunity in the region.

The event was divided into three round tables. The first round table debated, which public/private partnership is suitable for development of the silver economy in the region, the second round table focused on the social impact bonds, which were described as an innovative instrument adapted to share risks and impacts and the third one discussed how can new savings and investment means support innovation.

The event brought intervention of several experts working in the field of social impact investing. Full report on the event can be found in the attachment.