Today the first French meeting of CHEERS, organized by the French Partners, took place in Marseille hosted by BRGM-Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières, to present the project to Observers. The participants had the chance to get into the project objectives and set the basis of the cooperation for CHEERS.
During the meeting, several subjects have been tackled; the partners talked about the supposed contributions and support from the Observers in the project activities and, vice versa, their expectations from CHEERS on the preservation and management of natural risks on cultural heritage. The work group made a point on the existing databases to work on and the further participation of the Observers in the next scheduled CHEERS meetings.
The participants that took part in meeting were: Comité International De La Croix-Rouge; Drac-PACA Ministère de la Culture; LC2R-Laboratoire de Conservation, Restauration et Recherches; Irstea; Entente Valabre; BRGM (host partner)