French Partners took part in the 4th National Conference on Natural Risks (ANRN) organized by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition of France. 
The theme for the 2019 ANRN edition was "adaptation of territories for a resilient society".
During the event, that took place in Montpellier on March 25-26, Irstea, Entente Valabre and BRGM presented a poster about Cheers and had the a time for interaction with participants to explain and illustrate the project activities and objectives.
The poster call had the purpose to facilitate the interaction between research work and decisions and management practices on natural hazards, in order to promote and develop a productive dialogue between scientists and other actors. 
To this aim, posters had to focus on ongoing research, scientific results, innovative approaches to natural risk management that can be implemented by "operational" actors and decision makers. 
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