The teamblau’s programming team has made all the necessary steps in order to realize a professional Database for the Atlas project. It was a long work, but the results are very positive: A fast working and usability optimized Database.

Project Kick Off: Briefing and research.

After the very good briefing witch teamblau got from the partners, the project manager of teamblau Leonhard Bozzetta organized a professional programming team and made a kick off meeting and the project started.

The programming team leader Florian Schlotter, analysed in collaboration with Martin Kircher, Martin Scherlin and Hannes Auer, programmers of teamblau, the data structure, to include the thinking’s from the programmer side into the project vision of the partners. The goal was to translate the structure build in excel, in a database-format that can be used for the back office and the frontend. With this analysis, teamblau did a lot of research on the right technologies to use in this project and data-structure. 

Decision: a database build with react.js

After the successful compilation of different technologies teamblau decided to use react.js as the best technology to developed and set up the back office. After finding the right solutions, Florian, with the support of the other programmers, defined the important workflow: in the first phase teamblau begun with the programming and the setup of the database.  

Presentation at the Project Meeting in Munich

Leonard Bozzetta, the project manager, was in charge to planning and controlling all the activities of the technical WP's and writing the reporting’s of all the team members of the technical WP's. Leonard was also in Munich for a Project Meeting, where they - together with eurac - presented the frontend of the so called ATLAS and discussed about the last details.  

Start with the frontend

Bozzetta organized the frontend, which was designed by Magdalena Ferdigg (She was also in charge to develop the ATLAS Brand Identity and create the Corporate Design Manual.).

The frontend of the back office, the input mask for the projects, is in the last phase in cooperation with the Eurac. Daniel Herrera, employee of the project partner Eurac, played an important role throughout the project as an input donor and supporter of teamblau.  

Testing of the database

Currently, the database and its input mask are being tested by all project partners. The first realistic projects are added to the system. After feedback from the partners the last changes and optimizations are made and the beta version goes into the final version.  

After the final version of the database, the next milestone, the programming of the public website with compiled best practice cases, can be started. This Website at the moment is in conception phase.

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